Book Review : Hungry Gods


  • Author : Richa Lakhera
  • Publisher : Rupa Publications India
  • Rating : 4.3/5

Hungry Gods, the name itself is so enthralling and you just can’t restrain from burying yourself in the book.
The plot revolved around a boy seeking revenge for his mother’s murder, the dark side of the pharmaceutical companies and people “hungry” for money, power, fame. It started with a murder of a well-known personality who was the director of the TV series Healers produced by the pharmaceutical company , Medici. The series of murders kept going on and made the book unputdownable! There were ample of characters that kept the book riveting but at the same time made it abstruse. It was difficult to keep track of all the characters but I actually loved it. Every character had it’s own story and the plot wouldn’t have been so engaging if the author would have missed any of them. The way it reflected the bitter truth of this world is heart-wrenching. It was all about “people can go to any extent to save their ass “ (for me). The end was very satisfying .

The book can be read in one go but I took 2 days because there were so many sex scenes! I knew I would love this book but when I reached page number 3, I felt like I can’t! I am not comfortable reading all those explicit sex scenes but I persevered with my reading and I should mention it right now that it was worth it. I realized that it’s also an art, not everyone can express it the way Richa Lakhera did, hats off to her.

The best thing about this book is the author’s writing style. The ambit of her vocabulary is extensive. She uses exact words and so I had to refer the dictionary frequently. Her writing style is so precise. She uses succinct sentences.

Why 4.3?
I rated it 4.3 because the character names were weird, plot gets you in
a muddling state sometimes. Those *** scenes were difficult to read.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who aren’t light-hearted and love gripping thrillers!
Buy it on Amazon!
Hungry Gods


Book Review : Travels in a Dervish Cloak

Travels in a Dervish Cloak by Isambard Wilkinson

” That innocent age, if it ever existed, was now dead.”

  • Author : Isambard Wilkinson
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury India
  • Price : Rs 499

Rating : 3.8/5

This book is about the author’s quest for the real Pakistan. His grandmother who had to leave India, her native land after India won its independence was the true catalyst behind author’s quest. His grandmother’s friend who now lived in Pakistan kept ties with her and they visited each other every year. His grandmother’s sort of Indian way of living made the author fascinated about the subcontinent. And finally there came an opportunity for him to visit Pakistan and as he states in the book ” I’d no idea what a large role Pakistan would play in my life……” signifies how influential that trip had been. His quest intensified and then as a journalist he decided to go to Islamabad at the time when Pakistan was a ‘ War Of Terror‘ in 2006. This travel book takes you on a journey to a Pakistan we didn’t know, a Pakistan not based on the rumors. This journey isn’t this simple, the fact that author has had a kidney transplant before he left for his voyage. How he paved path for his dreams despite the illnesses will make you love the story even more.

I personally find the book a good read. The best part about it is the author’s truthfulness while describing the Pakistani society and it’s flaws, Pakistan’s mountainous beauty, the historical sites built by Akbar, Jehangir, the
fests held in different parts of the country. It also takes you on a political journey of Pakistan and what the common people acutally think about it, their perspective. The fact that the people of Pakistan know how corrupt and brutal their government is but then also stood by it really had me perturbed. It talks about Bhutto, Mushaaraf, Sharif.

And the best part of the journey is the author’s visit to innumerable shrines and his eagerness to find the real mystic sufí culture is so exemprarily described. The authenticity of the descriptions will win your heart. Some particular instances where author showed the defects of Pakistan by using India’s reference wasn’t liked by me at all and I felt were unnecessary. I know there is a lot of similarity between the two but why highlight India while showing faults. My view might be wrong and I might have got a bit personal over here but I write what I feel.

A journey to uncover that innocence which is now hidden underneath the facade of corruption, discrimination, trafficking, hatred, jealousy…..

I found the language a bit intricate. But that’s where the book stands out for its exemplarily description. It actually enhances your vocabulary.

A good read if you have interest in Pakistan and its politics, it’s Sufism and obviously its divergent terrains. Sometimes I did find myself drifting away from the book!

Have a good day! 🧡 Keep spreading love! Keep dreaming! Keep achieving!

P.S. – This book was for #prompt2 of bnbreadathon.

Book Review – Bachchan Geetawali

  •    Book Name – Bachchan Geetawali
  •     Language – Hindi
  •     Genre – Poetry
  •     Compiled By – Anant Kumar Pashan

Poems By the LEGEND Harivansh Rai BachchanPicsArt_10-07-09.52.17

This book comprises of 74 poems by Harivansh Rai Bachchan . It was published in 1992( I wasn’t even born then). Its been in my father’s book shelf for years but I was reluctant to read it for two reasons. Firstly it was in Hindi and secondly it was a poetry book. I have never read a book in Hindi or a poetry book. So I knew reading this combination was going to be onerous for me.

But then I made up my mind to read this book for prompt 1 of the #bnbreadathon! I am grateful to Booksnbeyond for hosting this readathon.

These 74 poems in a way describes the most ambiguous word (for me) life.  For some life can be defined in single word but for some its ineffable. I think for Bachchan ji (Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s affectionate name) his poems elucidates life. Bachchan ji states that

PicsArt_10-07-09.51.38which means that ” My personal assent is that the poet in his pride of knowledge should not go distance himself from the people. He shouldn’t fly alone but lend wings to everyone. The poets who make prime, mysterious, complicated, exquisite poems easy, understandable, blissful, I treat this as his part of practice. ”

I find this so ironical. I think he conceived the world to have the same profundity as his. His poems are what he described not to be. Its that way because this generation is frivolous.

Coming to the book, these poems talk about time, sun, moon, music, flowers, sadness, discrimination, stars, death and what not!! You name it and Bachchan ji has a poem for it.  But the thing about his poems is that as you read it , the scenario automatically gets framed in your head and you can relate to every word said. His poems leave you musing over them for a long time. But I feel his each poem is for a specific person , thing which we cannot rummage. These poems will take your mind in a disparate world and have you reckon about all the abominable happenings of the world, people that walked out of your life annihilating your true self, the battle named life and the list goes on.

I would definitely recommend you to read his works. I don’t think myself capable enough to rate this masterpiece.


  1. It ameliorated my Hindi.
  2. It made me eulogize poems and Hindi.
  3. It augmented my wisdom (somewhat ?).
  4. It made me vehement about literature.

Share your views about poems, hindi, Bachchan ji in the comments! Please suggest areas of improvements and point out the loopholes. Have a great day!

P.S. – I wouldn’t have read this book if I didn’t have my father’s support. He was an excellent mentor . He was ecstatic when I told him about reading this book. He was proud of me that I read it!!! He thought I won’t be able to read it and leave it after a few poems but I didn’t.



giphy (82)

Heya! How are you guys? I hope you are feeling groovy :p
You might be mulling over about the title. Let me know(in the comments) what was your first thought when you read the title. Did you reckon it as an animal or a cuisine? Because when I read ” rumbacize ” for the first time I anticipated it as a kind of snake. But when I read further I was dazed.


Rumbacize is the original name of Zumba! It is a combination of tumba (“to party” in Spanish, and a musical style and dance name) and Jazzercize (dance fitness franchise company founded by Judi Sheppard Missett in 1969). 

Many of you might be acquainted with Zumba but a couple of you won’t know.  Zumba is an exercise fitness program. It involves dance and aerobic movements performed to vigorous tune. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, squats and lunges. Boring much right?



Zumba is not just an exercise fitness program but a way to disenthrall your body and mind from your daily grind (rhymes!). In that one hour you relax every nerve of your body and at the same time strain it! Its the best way to entertain and vitalize yourself.
There are special songs for Zumba. As Zumba is a Latin creation, maximum songs are in Spanish . You won’t understand a word but you will enjoy every beat of that song. You won’t even realize but you will find yourself swaying to every beat and relishing it. The songs also possess some kind of energy which gets transferred to us as we all know “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed rather, it can only be transferred from one form to another”.

Science is ubiquitous in our life!!

I enrolled to a Zumba class in my neighborhood two months ago. The first few days were horrible! I used to feel shooting pain in every joint of my body. But gradually the pain subsides and your body becomes accustomed to those movements. Initially I used to loath doing zumba but now I savor every moment I spend in my class. People from diverse culture and age group come and rejuvenate themselves. It actually invigorates me when I see elderly people doing zumba with so much passion.  Each and every person has that radiant smile stick to their face all the time while doing zumba.

Zumba isn’t just a fitness program but a stress buster.

Zumba without the Zumba instructor known as ZIN is like a diwali devoid of lights. The ZIN gives life to Zumba. I feel privileged to have Rachna Sharma as my ZIN. She is the one who made us have a penchant for Zumba. She neutralizes the negative energy and makes the atmosphere so positive. She is like a catalyst who accelerates our movements. She is literally the most energetic person and spreads that energy in a flash!

In this fast-paced life we don’t have time for things which aren’t beneficial. So here listing some of the benefits of Zumba.

Sr. Benefits
1 Burns calories and fats
2 Gets you hooked on exercise
3 Boosts up your mood
4 Helps reduce headache(personal experience)
5 Escalates your confidence
6 Tones the whole body
7 Energizes your body
8 Platform to seek inspiration from people of every age

So make sure to enroll yourself in the journey of liberating your body, mind and soul aka a Zumba program nearby you! If you live in Iran then you cannot enroll yourself because ZUMBA IS BANNED IN IRAN! Because it was considered to be un-Islamic. If this isn’t feasible then make some time from your busy schedule for exercises maybe a 20 minute walk!

Question: Who introduced Zumba to you? Answer in the comments!
Answer: Niti Taylor introduced me to Zumba and I am grateful to her for that!


Reference :

Is Niti Taylor a robot?

giphy (82).gif

Heya! How you doin’? I hope everything is going whiz-bang 😀

So you might be thinking who is Niti Taylor, a new robot or my best friend or my inspiration or a fictional character. Many of you might know who Niti Taylor is but you might don’t know who actually she is, question yourself “DO YOU?”.

If your answer is affirmative then you should just revert yourself to whatever you were doing. But if your answer is negatory you should spend four serviceable minutes of your life here.

Niti Taylor, a 23 year old girl who has 1.3 million followers on instagram. Did you just babbled a “wow”? At least be a true-blue supporter of your conscience. If you did that it’s okay, it’s not sordid! We all might do! That is in fact what we call traits of being a human. But here is what distinguishes us from people like Niti. We all see what is discernible and never look deeper. I think this is where we go wrong . Why?

Because life is so much more than our social life.

I have known Niti since 4 years and all I would say I haven’t seen a person with a heart like her , so pure. She is an honest-to-goodness human. She is an actress by profession and is so passionate about her acting that it is reflected in her eyes. Her eyes really shine and reflect what’s in her heart. When I first came across her I was just 16 and very immature than people at that age. I just saw how alluring she looked , how radiant her smile was, her dazzling personality and her remarkable acting skills. I never looked beyond this for freaking 2 years. I turned 18 and my life literally turned into a living hell. My results were god-awful! I spent 2 months of my not so exemplary life crying. After a month I tried bringing myself back on track and created an instagram account and joined twitter. I followed Niti and as usual stalked her a bit and smiled so wide reading her captions, seeing her beautiful pictures and insanely adorable videos.


After a month I realized there was so much more in Niti than just her appearance. She had a very mature view about everything and was doing incredibly well in her carrier at such a tender age. She had changed a lot and now she was more insouciant but at the same time more zealous about her passion. But one thing that stood-out was her habit of making everyone elated.

She is the one who made me believe in myself.

She is the one who told me what is life.

She is the one who told me that I was beautiful despite of being overweight.

She is the one who told me to always keep smiling.

She is the one who told me to never give up.


Despite of spreading love, what she received will blow your mind. She received HATE. People started commenting abominable comments on her instagram posts, body shaming her, castigating her for not dating their favourite, bashing her for dating a person she liked, going to parties! INSANE!? People behaved like they owned her. They wanted her to live her life not the way she wanted but the way they, the most heinous people wanted.

This is not what she deserved. This not what any of us deserve. This is inhumane, cruel, barbarous, malevolent. This needs to be stopped at any cost.

She is a human too. She has a personal life. She needs to be loved but at the same time respected. She needs to be given the desired privacy.

Everyone who is hating on her for their own feckless reasons need to stop. It’s her goddamn life. If you can’t love her then don’t bother her. You might care about her but it’s important to learn the difference between caring and imposing yourself. There is a very thin line between these two. She is a celebrity but at the same time a human too. We need to assimilate the fact that there is a limit to everything. For how long she can refrain herself from not noticing those despicable comments. Just question yourself for how long you can ignore anything?

Celebrity is also a human. They are not robots!

Please let her live her life the way she wants. You don’t know a single thing going on in her mind and life.You don’t know about those little moments in her life, the obstacles of her life or what she had for dinner! We just know what the social media shows us. We need to understand that social media shows us those things that we wish to see. Reality is different. Please don’t involve yourself too much in her life. She has family, friends to guide her. She doesn’t need your teachings, forewarning or counseling. You don’t need to involve Niti in everything going on in the industry. She might have her own reasons to deactivate her account so respect her.

All she needs is your

Hope it might create a different perspective and pour oil on your wrath. It’s just not about Niti but every celebrity out there, who has every right to live their life on their terms.

Loads and loads of love! Keep Smiling! Stay Beautiful! Be Kind!

72nd Independence Day

First of all I wish all the Indians a very Happy Independence day! I consider this day to be the most auspicious and hence decided to set up this blog.

I sought inspiration from so many people across the world and decided to write this blog. As a beginner I was so muddled on what topic should I start with.

The journey of India’s independence is filled with ample of stories ranging from morality to violence to insightfulness to valour and the list continues. The life we are living now in India is way far better than what our grandparents, freedom fighters, leaders and everyone who was a part of India during that phase. But the life we are living now is way far behind the life they all have lived. We are living a meaningless life unlike them they made their life purposeful. They fought for everything unlike us who aren’t even ready to courageously point out the wrongs of the society. They gave us independence from Britishers and declared India independent. Do you truly think India is independent?


We have acquired freedom from the Britishers but not from our thoughts! Till this day there are some places where gender, racial, caste discrimination exists. We all run away from hard work and are looking for an easier path. We don’t dare to climb the mountain. We all flee away from the threats that come our way. We all want to get settled in life but not take a step towards abolishing discrimination, poverty.

Let’s wake up! Promise yourself that you will free yourself from your thoughts and move towards a better tomorrow for not only yourself but every Indian out there.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Vande Mataram! 🇮🇳